Friday Faves – No. 12

This week has been a doozy! To cheer us up, here’s another round of Crunchy Kat Friday Faves. 

Here’s what I’ve been reading and listening to this week

How to ripen an avocado in 10 minutes — Best. Tip. Ever.

Can you heal your body with food? — Episode 3 of The Healthy Maven Podcast explores whether you can heal your body with food. The Healthy Maven interviews Jessica Murnane from One Part Plant and they talk all about women’s health.

Another interview with Jessica Murnane — I love this: “Food isn’t a cure for everything. But man, it’s such a good place to start to begin to heal what’s making us hurt, mentally and physically.” Yes.

The benefits of curcumin — And how to make golden milk 

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in DC — Alexandra is a DC blogger and she compiled a great list of veggie-friendly restaurants in the city. 

What’s in Mark Hyman’s Fridge — What a functional nutritionist keeps on hand

Making friends as an adult — This has nothing to do with my “brand” but I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends about making other friends. This article is for everyone! 

How to detox your home — Some great tips in this post 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup — Looking forward to making this 

RIP George Michael — I should I have posted this last week but thanks for this week’s jam, George.

And, in case you missed it:

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