Friday Faves – No. 56

Friday Faves No. 56

Well, howdy! Happy Friday and welcome to February. So many people hate on February but it’s my birthday month so naturally, I love it. It also only has 28 days, what’s not to love about that?

Friday Faves – No. 56

This weekend is going to be great! Tonight Mr. CK (that’s Mr. Crunchy Kat) and I are heading to Baltimore for a delicious dinner with some great friends. I’m also having wine for the first time after not having it since late December! (See more about that here.) Tomorrow another friend of ours, who used to be a former chef, is hosting one of his semi-regular “wine dinners.” Follow along on my Instagram stories for some behind the scenes shots! 

Also, I want to send a special shout out to my friends with birthdays this weekend! You know who you are! 😉

Friday Faves No. 56

Here’s What I’ve Been Reading This Week

Top Ten Beauty Resolutions — I love this take on New Year’s Resolutions. Would you adopt any from the list? 

How to Learn to Love Mondays Again — I needed this kick in the pants. 

What Type of Lettuce to Buy — Now you know!

Beauty Products Alaina’s Using During Pregnancy — Not all of these are squeaky clean but I love seeing what products women chose to use while pregnant. 

Best Organic Skincare for Your Skin Type — Dr. Sarah kills it again with her wisdom and recs!

Here’s What I’ve Been Listening to This Week

One of my yoga instructors had this on before a class this week and I forgot how much I love Ben Howard.


Here’s What I’ve Been Making This Week

Friday Faves No. 56

Marinated chicken with this marinade — It was my first time using it and it was DELISH. They also have a regular version if spice isn’t your thing. I only used half the bottle for over a pound of chicken so I have more for next time!

The Defined Dish Caesar Salad Dressing — I love this dressing and make it all the time. So simple and easy! 

I also really need to write down our recipe for those lettuce wraps (seen in our meal plan above) as we make them frequently but make it up every time.

Here’s What I’ve Been Loving This Week

We Did 50 Burpees a Day — Holy cow. This would be intense but it sounds doable! 

You Don’t Need to Wash Your Hair Every Day — Even if you work out. Hallelujah!! 

My J. Crew Factory Avocado Earrings!!

And, In Case You Missed It

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