No Bake Chocolate Energy Balls

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Welcome to the #mealsnmunchies week! This week, I’m teaming up with Emily from Get Well With Em and I’m so excited she’s here. So without further ado, meet Emily!

Meet Emily! 

Hey, everyone! It’s Emily from Get Well With Em! I create healthy recipes and quick workouts to help women break free of perfectionism and live a well life: mind, body, and soul. I’m super excited to be with you all today sharing my favorite “No Bake Chocolate Energy Balls!”

No bake chocolate energy balls


When Kat and I started planning our #mealsnmunchies week, I immediately knew I had to share these little snack balls. They’re super customizable and quick to make. All you need is a food processor or high-speed blender and you’re good to go! Oh, and be prepared to get a little messy when rolling these guys up–totally worth it in my opinion!

Our goal this week is to show you how to stay healthy on the go–with snacks and lunches so you feel in control of your food choices amidst a chaotic schedule. To see more snack and lunch ideas for the week, check out our hashtag #mealsnmunchies on Instagram! Better yet, share your favorite snacks and lunches with us, and use the hashtag so we can share your ideas with everyone!

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No Bake Chocolate Energy Balls

I know these “No Bake Chocolate Energy Balls” are going to become your go-to snack for a busy week. They’ve got protein, healthy fat from the almonds, and just the right amount of sweetness from cacao and honey to power you through a busy day!

No Bake Chocolate Energy Balls
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  1. 1 cup almonds
  2. 1 cup dates (soak in warm water if you need to soften them)
  3. 2 tablespoons cacao
  4. 1 tablespoon honey
  5. 2 scoops chocolate protein powder, optional
  6. 1 tablespoon melted coconut oil, if you use protein powder
  1. Blend almonds and dates in your food processor, until they form a crumbly paste.
  2. Add in cacao and honey, continuing to blend until a dough-like ball forms.
  3. Option to add in chocolate protein powder and coconut oil.
  4. One tablespoon at a time, roll rough into ping pong ball sized balls.
  5. When done, store in an airtight container for up to 7 days!
  1. I used Orgain plant-based chocolate fudge protein powder to make this recipe. If you add protein powder to your energy balls, the amount of coconut oil you use will vary based on the powder you add. Just add enough that when you grab a handful of the crumbs, they stick together when squeezed! It’ll look more crumbly than you think, so try to roll into a ball before adding more coconut oil!
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