Expo West Sneak Peek

I accidentally typed “Expo West Snack Peek” for the title of this post and that wouldn’t be too far off! I ate more snacks over the course of two days at Expo West than I’ve had in awhile, and that’s saying something. I am a #snackqueen. 

Another blogger I follow called Expo West “Costco on steroids.” Preach it, girl. Preach.

If you caught some of my Instagram Stories during my time in LA, you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t happen to see my Stories, then imagine the sample booths at Costco and multiply them by 3,000. There were so many vendors at Expo West all giving little taste tests of their up and coming products. And I was basically in heaven. 

Expo West Sneak Peek 

I’m working on a larger Expo West recap similar to the one I did for Expo East but I wanted to quickly highlight just a few of my faves before the longer post is ready to go. 

Nutiva Organic MCT Oil

I’m going to write a longer post about the benefits of MCT oil in an upcoming post. This product from Nutiva is a new one and it’s delicious. 

Kohana Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Stay tuned for a recipe using this Kohana cold brew concentrate soon! In the meantime, you can revisit why it’s important to buy organic coffee

MALK Nut Milk 

I have been looking forward to trying this nut milk from MALK for months! It did not disappoint. It was so rich and creamy. And, bonus, it’s organic. I can’t wait to find it in a store near me. 

Bonafide Provisions Drinkable Veggies

They called these a spin on a V8 but they are so much more. I don’t even like V8. These drinkable veggies from Bonafide Provisions were my favorite find of the whole expo. I know they’re sold on the West Coast right now, I can’t wait to find them on the East Coast!

Stay tuned for my longer recap post coming soon! 

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  1. Love this & can’t wait to see the full review! I went to Expo East a few years ago & it was AMAZING!

    1. I loved Expo East last fall and Expo West was even better! It’s SO HUGE, I know I didn’t get to see everything!

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