Paleo Snack Ideas

I like to call myself the snack queen. Are you allowed to give yourself a nickname? Either way, I love snacks! Here are a few of my paleo snack ideas.

Danielle Moss from inspired me with her post a few weeks ago to round up a few of my favorite paleo snacks. You’ll see some of my favorites on her blog as well.

Thrive Tribe Cookies

Paleo cookies are pretty hard to find unless you want to make your own. And sometimes you don’t have time for that! Enter Thrive Tribe Cookies. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Mint but they also have Cherry Almond, Pecan Shortbread, and Sweet Cinnamon. The cookies are on the softer side vs. being really crisp. Think Soft and Chewy Chips Ahoy! vs. classic Chips Ahoy! But Paleo. 

Thrive Tribe Coconut Chips

I love snacking on coconut chips especially on road trips for some reason! These Thrive Tribe Vanilla Coconut Chips are perfect. They also have a BBQ flavor if salty is more your speed. 

RX Bars

I could go on and on about RX Bars. I bet I eat 5 of these a week. Which may be too much but I can’t help it! I love these. The protein in RX Bars is from egg whites so these won’t work for anyone with an egg allergy. They have several flavors but my two favorites are Chocolate Sea Salt and Mint Chocolate Chip. You can also try the variety pack if you want to try out all of the flavors. 

Thrive Tribe Bites

I wrote about these Thrive Tribe Bites back in November but it’s worth mentioning these again. These bites are so easy to grab and go, making them a perfect snack. My favorite is the Cacao Nib flavor because they taste just like brownies! 

Almond Butter and Dates 

This is probably my favorite go-to snack, especially when I’m at home. These are a bit harder to eat on the run but they are so delicious. These are a great dessert option if you’re trying to avoid chocolate or lots of added sugar. Dates have their own natural sugar but my body can tolerate the natural sugar better than processed sugars. Just don’t overdo it. 

Have you tried any of these? Would you try them? Let me know!

Disclosure: I did receive the Thrive Tribe products from Thrive Tribe, but all views are my own. Additionally, the links above may contain affiliate links and I would never endorse a product that I wouldn’t use myself.

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  1. I am looking forward to trying the dates and almond butter!!! Great idea. Thanks Kat

    1. It’s so good! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

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