Vegetable + Butcher: the New Kid on the Meal Delivery Block

Last week I had the chance to meet two new friends, Turner and Ariane. Turner and Ariane founded Vegetable + Butcher, a new meal delivery service based in DC.

About Vegetable + Butcher

Vegetable + Butcher delivers freshly prepared meals to your door based on your dietary preferences. They have two options: vegan meals and paleo meals. They’ve found a lot of overlap between the two.

Before starting their own business, Turner and Ariane both led busy lives in the DC area and found they were spending a lot of their time each Sunday meal planning and prepping for themselves. They figured there must be other busy professionals out there just like them and that’s when Vegetable + Butcher was born.

Their lives definitely haven’t slowed down since starting V+B but they certainly are passionate about what they’re doing. I loved hearing what motivated them to start V+B and how the service has grown each week.

V+B Menu

I tasted two of their menu items when I was with them: the toasted nut + quinoa porridge and the coconut-curry dal with roasted cauliflower. Oh my gosh, you guys. They are sooo good. Their menu is fresh and they work hard to ensure their products are sustainably sourced and seasonally available. If you are looking for a way to ease your meal prep routine, V+B is for you.

How it works

  • You order your meals. You can pick a plan that fits your schedule and your needs.
  • V+B preps and cooks.
  • Your fresh, healthy meals are delivered to your door.

How easy is that?!

Right now V+B is serving two zip codes in DC, 20002 and 20003. If you don’t live in the District, they would love to know where you live so they can add that zip code to the list of potential delivery zones! I, for one, hope they start delivering to Arlington ASAP.

If you have any other questions about their service, their FAQ page is a great resource.

Thanks, Turner and Ariane, for hosting me last week and showing me around your space!

**This post isn’t sponsored, I just love sharing new resources with you. V+B graciously supplied the photos used in this post.**