The Best Store-Bought Almond Milks

Friends and Instagram followers occasionally ask me if I have a favorite almond milk. I put this store-bought almond milk round-up together so I can direct people here if they ask!

Store-Bought vs. Homemade

You all already know I like to make my own nut milk, includes cashew milk and hazelnut milk, at home. I like making my own because I don’t have to worry about additives to keep it shelf-stable. I can also add whatever I want to flavor it: a date, cinnamon, etc. And it’s super fresh. But what if you don’t have time for that? Here are a few I’d recommend. These are also all carrageenan-free. (Read about why that’s important.)

Califia Farms Almond Milk

The Califia Farms Almond Milk is my favorite almond milk to use in smoothies. Cons: It’s thinner and has more additives than the milks below. Pros: You can almost always find it on sale somewhere and the price per ounce is also lower than the other options. Therefore, I don’t feel bad using a cup at a time for a smoothie. Make sure to buy the Unsweetened Regular or the Unsweetened Vanilla. They also have an Unsweetened Toasted Coconut Almond Milk that’s delicious too. 

New Barn Almond Milk

The New Barn Almond Milk is the Whole30 Team’s favorite. Cons: It costs a bit more and still uses a gum as a thickener. Pros: Other than the one gum, it only contains almonds, water, and salt! It’s Organic Certified and it tastes like you’re drinking real almonds. I like the Unsweetened Plain and the Unsweetened Vanilla and I like to use this in smoothies or coffee.

Three Trees Almond Milk 

The Three Trees Almond Milk is a newer find for me, I found it a couple of months ago. Cons: It’s more expensive. Pros: It’s just almonds and water, no fillers or gums! And, when I add it to my coffee it froths really nicely. I love using this one in my lattes. It’s also Organic Certified. They have an Unsweetened Plain and an Unsweetened Vanilla.

MALK and Pop & Bottle Almond Milks

I first had MALK and Pop & Bottle at Expo West but I’ve been hearing about both companies a lot recently! They aren’t currently available where I live but if you’re able to snag either brand, do it!

Are there any I missed? What’s your favorite almond milk?