Friday Faves – No. 24

crunchy kat friday faves

I finally made it down to the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial this week! I love seeing the Cherry Blossoms in bloom, especially as the sun rises.

For the first few years I lived in this area, I never made it for sunrise. (Read: I never made myself go.) But, it’s so beautiful, it’s worth the special morning trip. 

How was your week? What have you been reading and listening to? I’d love to hear below in the comments!

Here is what I’ve been reading and listening to this week 

16 Ways to Top Avocado Toast — Yes, please!

What’s in Her Bag with Ana of LeVert Beauty — I love GoMaco bars too. 

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake — Katie does it again.

The move to non-GMO tortillas — Good for you, Chipotle! 

Tahini Chocolate Banana Soft Serve — Be still my beating heart!

Violets Are Blue — A great review from Sarita Cohen. I love the mission of this company. 

Cashew Coconut Carrot Cake Bites — This week’s round-up is heavy on the recipes, I hope you don’t mind! 😉

9 Leading Green Beauty Brands Founded by Women — This is an awesome list and a great article. 

Does anyone else out there love Fleetwood Mac? I haven’t done a weekly jam in a while but here is one for your listening pleasure. 

And a bit of self-promotion: vote for my recipe! I entered a Kohana Cold Brew Contest and I’d love for you to vote for me if you’re so inclined. The voting process starts tomorrow, April 1. I’ll also be sharing the recipe on the blog tomorrow so check back. I know I don’t typically do Saturday posts.

And, in case you missed it: