Friday Faves – No. 50

Crunchy Kat Friday Faves 50

Well hello, FIVE-OH! Fifty rounds of Friday Faves. Thanks for being here! Let’s celebrate together by reading some links from around the interwebs. 

Friday Faves No. 50

We’re in the middle of our annual audit at my full-time job and I also came down with a cold this week. Womp womp. So I definitely needed these internet gems to cheer me up.

Let’s get right to them!

Crunchy Kat Friday Faves 50

Here’s what I’ve been reading and listening to this week

What’s the Best Way to Enjoy $200 of Coconut Butter? — Asking for a friend.

Why Canceled Plans Feel So Good — Canceled plans are my personal drug of choice. I’m also all about the hygge this winter. 

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Blender Waffles — I know what I’m making this weekend.

Coconut Oil and Ways You Shouldn’t Use It — Coconut oil has definitely been under the microscope this year.

How to Get Those Fuller Brows — Full brows FTW.

The Best Crudite Platters in LA — Perfect inspiration for all of your upcoming holiday parties. 

And, in case you missed it: