My Story – Part 2

My Story Part 2 |

In case you missed Part 1 last week, make sure to start there. This week, I’ll pick up my story for Part 2 right where we left off. 

My Story – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about how my story, as it relates to food, nutrition, and beauty products, goes back to high school. 

Dairy-Free in High School

I was experiencing stomach aches all the time but I had no idea why I was getting them. So there was a brief period of time in high school where I tried to cut out dairy, thinking that might help. My mom bought soy milk for me at the store and I used it in place of regular milk. One whole summer I focused on cutting out dairy in hopes it would help. It didn’t. 

Going to College

I fully expected to go to college and struggle with eating in the dining hall. I expected to have stomach aches all the time since everyone knows dining hall food certainly isn’t always healthy. But college was a time when my stomach aches got slightly better, not worse. At least I can’t remember a time when I had as many stomach aches as I did when I was in high school. It was definitely not what I expected.

I don’t want this story to be about my weight, but throughout college, my weight fluctuated as well. I gained weight my freshman and sophomore year. I was feeling better physically but my weight crept up. Then I really focused on eating well and limiting my portions my junior year and lost weight. By senior year, it crept up again.

College was a time when I focused more and thought more about eating vs. anything related to beauty products. I blame that on the fact that I swam in college and was often in the pool two times a day. I didn’t have time to care about makeup, I just wanted and needed to eat! But at a time when I expected my stomach aches to be at their worst, they were almost non-existent. 

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  1. Where’s Part 3??!? I’m dying to know what happened with the stomachache cliffhanger!!

    1. Kat Downs says:

      It’s coming this week!! 🙂

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