FATCO — the Body Care Line You Need for Winter

Did you know Paleo skincare is a thing? I didn’t until I heard of FATCO!

I first saw the team from FATCO at the Indie Beauty Expo. Then I saw them at Expo East. Their brand name instantly intrigued me and knew I had to learn more.

FATCO was founded by Cassy Burnside because she couldn’t find a skincare line that aligned with her passion for clean eating. She believes products you put on your skin are just as important as the products you eat. Given the Paleo diet’s focus on healthy fats, tallow is a primary ingredient in a lot of FATCO’s products.


Why Tallow?

From FATCO’s site: “Tallow and other naturally occurring ingredients are the basis for FATCO’s products — upholding the idea that just like clean dieting, clean hygiene is a sound approach to living well.”

Tallow is derived from the fat of grass-fed cows, mutton, and bison. It’s full of vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which are great for skin health.

FATCO’s creams are pretty thick but spread easily. As winter approaches, the thought of using thicker creams on my face and body sounds divine. My skin needs a lot more moisture during the winter months and I love applying a more dense cream right before bed.


I tried three products from FATCO and loved them all; the Myrrhaculous Face Cream, the Body Butta, and Stank Stop Deodorant. All three use lavender and you know how I feel about lavender.

They have a full line of skincare products, including cleaning and hair oils. Not all of their products use tallow, but it is one of their line’s signature ingredients.

Have you used a tallow-based product before? If not, would you try it?

**This post is not sponsored in any way, I just love sharing what I love!**

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  1. i don’t think i can do it, the idea of it grosses me out :/

    1. I have a sample you can try! 😉

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