Friday Faves – No. 40

Friday Faves No 40 | Crunchy Kat

Happy Friday and Happy August! These really do feel like the dog days of summer, don’t they? I always get to this point in the summer and wonder if I’ve made enough progress on my bucket list. Are you the same way?

Friday Faves No. 40 

This Friday Faves list is a mix of recipes, green beauty posts, and other articles that caught my eye this week. I hope you like them!

Here’s what I’m reading and listening to this week

The Meditteranean Diet Doesn’t Benefit Everyone — I did use this article to argue that it’s basically ok that I spend all of our life savings at the grocery store. My husband kindly pointed out that the article says nothing about the other items I seem to always purchase. Touché. 

30-Minute Noodle-Free Pad Thai — Making this ASAP.

Paleo Bahn Mi Collard Wraps — I’m sensing an Asian theme here this week. 

What’s in Her Fridge? — With Phoebe Lapine!! Love her. And I love so many of the goodies she mentions.

Healthy Peach Recipes — I have LOTS of peaches to use this summer. Maybe you went overboard at the farmers’ market too?

Honey Berry Kombucha Smash — I just might have to make one of these tonight for Happy Hour (with alcohol of course). 

Call Me — Not food-related but very interesting. “I’d rather text or Slack or email or carrier pigeon.”

The 31 Best Natural Sunscreens — I’m still holding onto summer! Some of my faves are on this list.

Weekly Jam — Inspired by my friend, Marissa 

Have a great weekend, friends! XO.