Toasted Coconut Matcha Macaroons

Toasted Coconut Matcha Macaroons | Crunchy Kat

I’m really excited about this recipe for Toasted Coconut Matcha Macaroons!! It’s 6 ingredients (7 if you count the chocolate!) and takes just a few minutes to come together. And the added flavor of the toasted coconut is just perfect.

Coffee Cacao Bites using Cold Brew Concentrate

Coffee Cacao Bites for Kohana

Disclosure: This recipe for Coffee Cacao Bites was created for a Kohana Cold Brew Concentrate Recipe Contest. I whipped up these coffee cacao bites using the Kohana Cold Brew Concentrate. Please consider voting for my recipe and check out all of the other great recipes while you’re there! 

Vanilla Maca Bites

Vanilla Maca Bites

I promised you on Monday I’d have a recipe for you today! I whipped up these Vanilla Maca Bites so you’d have something to do with the cashew pulp you have sitting around after you’ve made your cashew milk. So don’t throw it out! 

Expo West Sneak Peek

I accidentally typed “Expo West Snack Peek” for the title of this post and that wouldn’t be too far off! I ate more snacks over the course of two days at Expo West than I’ve had in awhile, and that’s saying something. I am a #snackqueen. 

Paleo Snack Ideas

I like to call myself the snack queen. Are you allowed to give yourself a nickname? Either way, I love snacks! Here are a few of my paleo snack ideas. Danielle Moss from inspired me with her post a few weeks ago to round up a few of my favorite paleo snacks. You’ll see […]

Coconut Matcha Bites

Here is the next bite recipe as promised! Today we’re talking about coconut matcha bites and they are dairy-free and nut-free.  A few of you have asked me about meal prepping. These bites are a perfect addition to your meal prep routine.