Friday Faves – No. 31

Friday Faves No 31

We’ve had some killer heat the past two days in D.C., it feels like summer already. Thankfully tomorrow is going to be a bit cooler and I’m going to pick strawberries! Have you done it before? I’ve never been!

Friday Faves – No. 29

Crunchy Kat Friday Faves 29

Have you been enjoying #MealsNMunchies week as much as I have? I’ve loved seeing people’s meals and snacks on Instagram! And, it’s also Cinco de Mayo today, which basically means it’s an excuse to eat my favorite foods: chips and guacamole!! (Did you find some good avocados?)

Friday Faves – No. 28

crunchy kat friday faves

Whew, welcome to Friday!! How was your week? Is it warming up where you are? It rained almost all week here and then we had our first day of sunshine yesterday! It’s finally warm enough for rosé on the porch!

Friday Faves – No. 25

Crunchy Kat Friday Faves

This week flew by and it certainly had its ups and downs. I like knowing that I get to do these Crunchy Kat Friday Faves posts for you at the end of each week; they’re some of my favorite posts.