My Interview with Olivia’s Organics

Olivia's Organics and Crunchy Kat

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I’m in Olivia’s Organics’ newsletter today! I mentioned it earlier this week and today is the day. If you’ve clicked over to my site from the Olivia’s Organics’ newsletter, welcome! 

Why I’m Cutting Back on Fruit

Why I am Cutting Back on Fruit | Crunchy Kat

Definitely an intriguing subject line, huh? Why on earth would anyone cut back on fruit? I can just imagine you sitting there, reading this post. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Yes, Kat, tell me why you’re cutting delicious food from your diet!”

Friday Faves – No. 40

Friday Faves No 40 | Crunchy Kat

Happy Friday and Happy August! These really do feel like the dog days of summer, don’t they? I always get to this point in the summer and wonder if I’ve made enough progress on my bucket list. Are you the same way?