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Welcome to Crunchy Kat!

I’m Kat Downs, lover of condiments + makeup + outside voices + snacks. I also love perusing the aisles in a grocery store for the latest natural and organic products.

I currently live outside of Washington, DC, in Arlington, VA with my husband, who I sometimes refer to as Mr. CK (Mr. Crunchy Kat!). 

I’ve been reading content from others for over 10 years and I finally decided to start my own site. My hope is that my experience will help others who are looking to choose cleaner beauty products and food options.

I have a few food sensitivities myself, so I have compassion for those who are struggling to find better options and the right choices for their bodies. It can be hard to navigate the food world these days.

When it comes to healthy and clean living, I know a lot of us are looking for better options. Several years ago I was introduced to the Environmental Working Group, and it’s from there that I cross-reference ingredient safety and quality data when I’m looking for my next skincare, makeup, or household cleaner purchase. The EWG is just one of the tools I use, along with Think Dirty, another great resource. 

If you’re ready to join me in my search for new recipes, beauty tips, and all my favorite products, you’ve come to the right place!


You can also read more about my story here. Or find me featured in the Washingtonian here and here.

Feel free to contact me, I love hearing from readers! Or find me over on Instagram @crunchy.kat, Facebook @crunchykat, or Twitter @crunchy_kat


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