Why I’m Cutting Back on Fruit

Why I am Cutting Back on Fruit | Crunchy Kat

Definitely an intriguing subject line, huh? Why on earth would anyone cut back on fruit? I can just imagine you sitting there, reading this post. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Yes, Kat, tell me why you’re cutting delicious food from your diet!”

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Why I’m Cutting Back on Fruit

But hear me out.

I love fruit. L.O.V.E. it. Like, sing its’ praises from the rooftop, “Hi, I’m Kat and I’m a fruit addict,” kind of love. And nothing beats fresh fruit in the summer. Peaches, blueberries, raspberries, figs, and nectarines, oh my. 

But the truth is, I was eating too much of it. And before you think I’ve gone crazy, let me explain.

I love fresh fruits and vegetables. And we’re supposed to get 5+ servings of them daily. But I was using that an excuse to eat 5+ fruits daily and was not as good about getting in all my veggies. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be the healthy blogger who does nothing but eats salads all day and drinks plain water. But this is real life and that’s not the case. 

I was using fruit as a crutch when I wanted a snack, rather than reaching for carrots. And if you’re not hungry for carrots, you’re probably not that hungry. 

Because I was eating so much fruit, I was forcing my body to digest and process a lot of sugar, even though it was natural. And eating too much fruit can send signals to your body to crave more of it and other kinds of sugar too. So I had to pull back.

Why I am Cutting Back on Fruit | Crunchy Kat

Aim for Two Servings a Day

There have been days recently where I haven’t had any fruit at all. And some days, I’ve had too much. But I’m aiming for no more than two servings a day and trying to keep those servings small. 

Did you know that a whole banana is two servings of fruit?

You may be saying to yourself, “Well gosh, if I can’t have fruit now, WHAT ON EARTH CAN I EAT?” I’m definitely not saying fruit is bad. I just knew I was overdoing it so I had to course-correct. 

In an upcoming post, I’ll talk about how I’m balancing my blood sugar since that ties directly into why I’m curbing my fruit intake. I’ll also include a little book review for a book I’m obsessed with these days. 

{Read the follow-up post!}

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8 Replies to “Why I’m Cutting Back on Fruit”

  1. Such a good message, Kat. So many people don’t understand fruit portions, or portions in general, and it’s important to note that more fruit is not better. Two servings of fruit per day is always something I recommend and sometimes three servings if it’s a heavy exercise day. Can’t wait to read more about this book review 🙂

    1. It’s hard because I love fruit, and it’s easy to think you’re eating healthfully when you’re just adding a ton of natural sugar to your diet. I love that you recommend that to your clients and patients!

  2. A whole banana is two servings of fruit?! I probably should eat more fruits daily but when I eat fruit I tend a lot on one day vs daily! Thanks for sharing. Is the book the one you mentioned awhile ago? I guess I didn’t win it…

    1. Yes, that’s the book! And don’t worry, I’ll post a link in my upcoming post so you can snag it if you really want it! I’m trying to spread out my fruit intake vs. all in one day too! Slow and steady… 🙂

  3. Why does being healthy have to be so “hard?” 😛

    1. I know!!

  4. I try to do the same….but allowing myself indulgences the next few weeks with all the summer produce!!!

    1. Summer is the time to take advantage of it for sure!!

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