Friday Faves – No. 26

Crunchy Kat Friday Faves 26

Friends!! This Friday Faves roundup marks 26 consecutive weeks I’ve been doing these posts. That’s 6 months without missing a Friday. Woo-hoo! 

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Here is what I’ve been reading and listing to this week

5-Minute Vegan Golden Milk — Dana always has the best recipes 

What does plant-based eating look like? — I met Katie in real life (!) last weekend and she is a gem! She’s inspired me with her plant-based meal challenge and I think I may do one too. Would you like to join me?

15 Quinoa based meals you can prep on Sundays — I know some of you are always looking for meal prep hacks. 

I wish we had an Avocaderia in DC 

What happens to your body when you stop eating sugar — Could you do it? We could also do a no-sugar week or month together! 

Looking for some Easter recipes? — In case you’re still planning your menu!

A Grocery Store Haul — Sarah’s tips are spot on.

One superfood to try for a beauty boost — Remember when we talked about maca?

Is a common virus causing gluten intolerance? — A really interesting article 

Coconut Flour Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins — Um, yes, please. 

The First Mess’ Fridge — Majorly swooning. I love so many of her faves. 

And, in case you missed it:

Have a great weekend!! XO. 


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  1. 26 🙌🏻👏🏻👍🏻

    1. Thanks, girl!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kat. Great links…. I attempted to give up sugar for lent and lasted 4 days before I cheated. The withdrawl is real!

    1. Let me know if you want to do it together!! #accountability

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