Friday Faves — No. 18

Hi, friends! Happy Friday! And welcome to another week of Crunchy Kat Friday Faves.

Even though I posted once this week, I still feel like I’ve been MIA on the blog. I have so many post ideas for the coming weeks to stay tuned for those. What were you up to this week? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I’d love to hear!  

Here’s what I’ve been reading and listening to this week

Katie shares her wisdom about detoxing — Maybe another few reasons why it’s not worth it?

Six health, wellness, and fitness podcasts — A lot of people ask me about my favorites and Rachael put together a good list! 

Tips for healthy hair — Eating things from this list may help your hair. 

Is soy good for you? — Make sure you always aim for organic soy, if you’re going to consume it at all.

Brussels sprouts slaw and coconut bacon — What the what?!

Petroleum in beauty products — And why it’s not good. 

Homemade pecan milk — She adds some sweetener but I don’t think that’s necessary if you want to make a plain version! 

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies — A friend made these last weekend and wow. I need these again asap. Then, have them with your pecan milk! 

Staying in is the new going out — HALLELUJAH.

18 Beauty Tips — from Sienna Miller’s makeup artist

Superfoods for shiny hair and stunning skin — Lots of food tips in this week of Friday Faves!

Thanks, Rick, for this week’s jam — It’s a classic 

And, in case you missed it: