Sugar Series pt. 3 – What’s in Your Gluten-Free Waffles?

Welcome back to the “Sugar Series,” pt. 3! This week we’ll be talking about what’s in your gluten-free waffles. 

A lot of people buy gluten-free waffles because they’re trying to avoid gluten for a variety of reasons. But did you know that gluten-free waffles often come with a side of sugar?

What’s in your gluten-free waffles?

As I mentioned in the intro post and part 2 of this series, I read a lot of ingredient labels. I pretty much do it instinctively now because I can’t always trust the taglines on the front of products. For example, “All Natural” doesn’t really mean anything; manufacturers use the term as a marketing ploy. 

For this particular post, and for this Sugar Series, I visited a very popular health food chain. I think a lot of shoppers assume that because a product is in a health food store, it must be healthy and good for you but you have to do your homework. 

Let’s talk gluten-free waffles. Lots of people avoid gluten because gluten is an inflammatory food. But if sugar is added to those gluten-free waffles, you’ve just added another inflammatory food in its’ place. You can see that both of these products have sugar in them. 


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with Swapples. I wish Swapples were sold outside of the D.C. area but right now their distribution is limited. Rebecca, the owner and founder of Swap Foods, does everything herself so she’s a one-woman team doing as much as she can! Hopefully, as she continues to grow, her distribution radius will as well. 

If you do live in the D.C. area, Baltimore, or Philadephia, you can pick up Swapples at Mom’s Organic Market, Yes! Organic Market, some Whole Foods locations, Union Kitchen Grocery, and the Maple Avenue Market in Vienna.

Even if Swapples aren’t available to you, the important takeaway here is that you should always flip over a product before you put it in your cart at the grocery store. Scan the list of ingredients and, unless it’s a product that’s supposed to have sugar in it, put it back and try another one. 

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