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About a month ago, a reader asked me about fragrances and perfumes. She is looking for better options and doesn’t necessarily want to wear an essential oil by itself.

Before we dive into a few brands I’d recommend, let’s talk about why you should look for a more natural alternative to the perfume you wear every day.

Conventional fragrances are tricky because “fragrance” and “parfum” are unregulated terms in the beauty world. Companies may use more than 3,000 chemical ingredients in products and label them simply as “fragrance.” According to EWG, some of these chemicals may be hormone disruptors or allergens but companies don’t have to disclose this.

EWG’s article, Not So Sexy, says:

To make matters worse, FDA lacks the authority to require manufacturers to test cosmetics for safety, including fragranced products, before they are sold to consumers. As a result, people using perfume, cologne, body spray and other scented cosmetics like lotion and aftershave are unknowingly exposed to chemicals that may increase their risk for certain health problems.

Yowza.¬†I don’t know about you but I want to know what’s in my products and what I’m putting on my body.

Your best bet is to avoid products that list “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label if they don’t list additional ingredients in parentheses after that. Companies that use natural and organic ingredients will most likely list an essential oil in parentheses. (Spoiler alert: this also applies to cleaning products and food products with “natural flavor” listed in the ingredient list.)

I don’t wear perfume on a daily basis but I do know a few great companies producing high-quality perfumes! In case you’re looking for another gift this season, for either yourself or someone else, the brands below are great places to start.



Susannah Compton founded Florescent with the hopes of showing consumers how lovely real flowers can be. Florescent’s three perfumes are hand-crafted and made with real botanical¬†ingredients. I love Sundays and Pretty Bird.

And as a bonus for my local readers, Susannah and Florescent are based in DC. You can find Florescent at Follain in Union Market. Just in case you’d like to test them out before you buy.


Anne Nelson Sanford created LURK “to develop luxury perfumes for the modern organic lifestyle.” She has more than 10¬†fragrances so there is definitely something for everyone.

Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook has both skincare and haircare and recently released his first fragrance. The green beauty world is going gaga over it, so it must be good!

Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei is a little bit different in that they formulate their products based on plant alchemy. To Lotus Wei, “Flower alchemy is simply another way of receiving the nourishing properties of plants.” Their products come in lots of different forms: elixirs, mists, serums, perfumes, and oils. With all those options, you are sure to find something that appeals to you.


Other resources

You can read more about organic and natural fragrances on Sarita Cohen’s site, Suzi’s blog, or The Chalkboard Mag.

You can purchase organic and natural fragrances at Integrity Botanicals, The Detox Market, and Follain.

Did one of these brands or a particular scent catch your eye?

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  1. I’m always on the hunt for natural fragrances…I used to love wearing “celebrity perfumes” when I was younger and then I started learning about chemicals in products and stopped wearing them but I miss smelling good (not that I stink lol) but I just loved spritzing on a feminine spray every day. Thanks for sharing these better fragrances!

    1. I know for people who like to wear perfume or fragrances, it’s important to find a good substitute! I hope you’re able to find one too. If you do, let me know which one you choose!

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