Non-Toxic Deodorants

I’ve had several readers ask me about which non-toxic deodorant I like and use. I touched on it a bit here in an earlier post, and I showed you a picture of my favorite here. Now I’d love to expand a bit on the topic. There is a lot of research out there about why switching to a […]

Friday Faves – No. 2

Halloween is upon us! Are you dressing up this weekend? I’d love to hear! If I go to a party, I’m going to need to implement one of these options for my costume. Here is what I’ve been reading and listening to this week What’s in my fridge with McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped — I […]

Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk

Did you know today, October 26th, is National Pumpkin Day? Even if you didn’t, happy #NationalPumpkinDay, friends! I made us a pumpkin spice almond milk to celebrate. We all know everyone is obsessed with pumpkin. And why shouldn’t we be? It’s delicious! Recently, a Jrink Juicery opened near my apartment. I love their Pumpkin Chai and […]

I tried Sun Basket, have you?

I don’t know about you, but every time Monday rolls around, I wonder what I’m going to make for dinner during the week ahead. One of my goals is to get better about meal prepping and planning over the weekends, but I’m not quite there yet. Enter Sun Basket. Have you heard of Sun Basket? […]

Friday Faves – No. 1

Whoa, long time no talk friends! This week, I’ve been working behind the scenes on this round-up post for you. I’m excited about this Friday Faves series! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow, I am going to the grand opening of the new Jrink Juicery in Clarendon (#SouthSideSocial). I am pumped about their new location […]

Root skincare products I’m loving

Happy Friday! Let’s kick off our weekend with a few beauty products, shall we? You know I love Root’s makeup products. After I wrote my previous post, I ordered a few more products and may love those even more. In that order, I picked up another blush, bronzer, Pretty Balm, and two eyeshadows. In case you […]

Vital Proteins: a review

One of the newest kids on the smoothie and latte block is collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s also an essential part of your connective tissue, nails, skin, and hair. I first heard about collagen peptides back in February when I did Whole30. I finally got to meet some of […]

Treat yo’self with body moisturizers

I don’t have any fine leather goods to offer you. (Actually, I might… another post for another time.) But I do have some body moisturizers to tell you about! (In case you need help with the reference in the title of this post or the reference to fine leather goods, please watch this clip and […]