Expo East 2016 Recap

Back in March, a few of my favorite bloggers were all at Expo West. Expo West is the largest natural, organic, and healthy products trade show in the world. It’s held in Anaheim, CA and I knew right away I needed to attend. After some quick internet searching, I learned there is also an Expo […]

Making the switch to natural beauty products

A lot of people ask me which personal care products to switch out first when moving towards cleaner beauty options. My answer is always the same: I recommend switching out the products you use most frequently first. After that, I’d replace the products that cover the most amount of skin. Tinted Moisturizer I’ve already admitted […]

Okra: why you should give the slimy vegetable another try

I don’t know many people who crave okra. A lot of people pass over the odd-looking vegetable at farmers’ markets and have no idea how to prepare it. I happen to love it. Okra is a green vegetable sometimes used in soups, stews, curries and is most often found in dishes in the Southern United States. […]

Homemade coconut milk; it’s easier than you think!

I use almond milk in a lot of my recipes because it’s accessible and easy to find. But, I know a few readers have nut allergies so almond milk is a no-go. If you’re trying to avoid dairy and nuts, this milk is for you! Homemade coconut milk is super easy to make. If you’ve […]

MDSolar Sciences: a review

Even though summer is almost over (say it isn’t so!), I have a new favorite sunscreen to share with you! For most of my life, I haven’t been very good at remembering to apply sunscreen. I know, I know. But now that the threat of skin cancer and sun damage has sunk in, I’m trying […]

Maca powder and why I add it to my smoothies

Last Christmas I received the smoothie book, Superfood Smoothies. I really enjoy adding some of the superfoods Julie Morris suggests to my morning smoothies. One ingredient I hadn’t had before was maca. Maca is a root and it’s often sold in powdered form. It’s known in the superfood world as an adaptogen, which means that […]

a weekend in Norfolk

images from the weekend la colombe coffee roasters, blagden alley, DC for some caffeine before hitting the road jrink juicery, blagden alley, DC organic raw almonds, cinnamon, vanilla bean, dates, filtered h20 fruitive juice three ships coffee   can’t stop, won’t stop travel essentials yarok feed your volume, josh rosebrook balance, dr. bronner’s lavender, acure brightening facial scrub dear […]

matcha latte

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of matcha when I first heard about it. Green tea powder didn’t really sound that appealing. At least to me. But I’m happy I gave it a chance; it’s become one of my favorite beverages. And maybe some of you are already aboard the matcha train! Matcha is a special […]