Indie Beauty Expo 2016 Recap

On Wednesday, August 24, I went to the Indie Beauty Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

You guys. It was AMAZING. I had such a blast walking around, meeting all the vendors, and chatting with a few brands a bit more in depth. I picked up several new-to-me products and I can’t wait to share more about those products in upcoming posts.

I met the duo from Flynn & King based in Brooklyn, Erin of Erin’s Faces, Samantha from Know Your Ingredients, the gals from Root, the team from Vital Proteins, and more.


The vibe of the expo was great. The IBE team did such a great job with the layout and the decor was gorgeous. Alexis Krauss of Beauty Lies Truth DJ’ed throughout the event and kept the mood upbeat.

There were two huge highlights for me. One was meeting Adina Grigore! I read Skin Cleanse earlier this year and loved it. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed it, and she was so nice! We chatted for a bit about the event and her work.


The second highlight was meeting Marc and Terri Hall from Integrity Botanicals. I’ve written about Integrity Botanicals on the blog before; it’s definitely one of my go-to online shops for natural beauty products. Marc and Terri were so kind, just like I imagined they’d be!

I can’t wait to share more about the products I picked up at the show and the brands that made them. I want to test them out before I review everything for you!


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  1. can’t wait for the reviews!

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